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Representative of courage, honour and liberty’s values.

Leather work is a foundation of the Argentinian culture.  To better understand the tradition of the leather work in Argentina, we must learn about the Gauchos who built a national identity by transmitting their culture throughout the years.


Before the pre-colonial era, Gauchos were nomads who hunted wild livestock and sold leather.  They became the symbol of courage, honor and freedom during the colonial war.  They organized their life around Criollo horses and bovine farming.

symbol of the glorious Argentinian past

Nomads, riders, soldiers, romantic figures and cultural myths; Gauchos are the symbol of the glorious Argentinian’s past.  By their history, customs and traditions, Gauchos have created a unique skill: leather work.  This ancestral passion for leather led to the creation of saddleries and leather workshops.


Known around the world as one of the best leather production, Argentinian leather craft was born in the wild meadows, and overtime earned respect and trust with saddle makers.  The wealth of this knowledge and skill takes root within its own diversity.

New World and dynamics

The tradition of saddle making in Argentina opened onto a new world, with new dynamics and needs.  Saddle making has become an athletic equipment for so many disciplines, tuned to perfection to serve all.  Thereby, “MADE IN ARGENTINA” label ensures quality of raw materials, saddle making skills and creativity.