Warranty and after-sales services



Every saddles and beech wood trees commercialized by Profine are handcrafted by our team of dedicated, knowledgeable and skilled saddle craftsmen, at the Profine workshop in Buenos Aires.

 Profine Saddlery selects with utmost carefulness the quality of the raw material used for the manufacture of the saddles and trees and has created a true partnership with its suppliers, guaranteeing the quality and regularity of the supplies. A rigorous quality control process is established, and each product is carefully checked before being shipped out.

After-sales services are provided by Profine or, depending on the country and geographical area, by an Antarès after-sales service workshop. 




The warranty on Profine saddles is 1 year for leather and manufacture, 3 years for the tree.

The warranty covers default of the product attributable to the manufacture or to raw material problems, occurring under normal conditions of use.


The warranty does not cover problems caused by accident, improper storage or care.


The warranty is voided in case of any alteration done by unauthorized saddlers.




  • The end-user will send back the defective saddle with a copy of the purchase invoice to the retailer from whom they bought the product.

If the retailer has purchased the saddle from a distributor, the saddle should be sent back to the distributor.


  • The retailer (or distributor) must email an after-sales service request to an Antares After-sales Service* including: details of the saddle, purchase invoice copy, list of the problems encountered, requested repairs, pictures, etc.
    Please note that the location of the After-sales Service depends on the geographical area of the retailer/distributor.


  • At reception, the After-sales Service will attribute an After-sale Service file number and communicate it to the retailer (or distributor).

In case the details of the saddle and repairs requested are not clear enough to determine the condition of the saddle, the After-sales Service might ask to return the saddle to examine the saddle.


  • After the expertise of the email information (or expertise of the saddle if it has been returned), the After-sales Service will decide if the warranty will apply or not.


  • Covered by warranty: repair and shipping back and forth are free of charge.

In this case, the retailer (or distributor) should not charge the end-user for the service.


  • Not covered by warranty: the After-sales Service will issue a quote which will establish the cost of the repair for the retailer (or distributor) excluding VAT, the cost of the repair for the end-user including VAT, and the return shipping cost.


  • If the end-user accepts the quote and if the saddle has not already been shipped, the retailer (or distributor) will return it to the After-sales Service within the shortest delays so the repair can be processed.


  • In case the end-user does not accept the quote, and if the saddle has been returned for further examination, the After-sales Service will charge 50 € excluding VAT + return shipping cost to the retailer (or distributor) to cover the cost of the expertise, administrative work and return shipping cost.

Repairs and shipping charges (as per quote) will be invoiced to the retailer (or distributor) by the After-sales Service.

The retailer will re-invoice the repair to his customer at the advised price mentioned on the quote + shipping charges.